Fence Repair Tool Mark I (Sold Out - Mark II now available)

Fence Repair Tool Mark I (Sold Out - Mark II now available)

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Mark I of the 'Fence Repair Tool' is now sold out. Please visit the rest of our shop pages for the upgraded model and other fencing tools. 

The Fence Repair Tool is designed primarily for rapidly removing slack from tired and sagging fence lines using only a short piece of wire and with no cuts and joins. It can be also used for repairing broken wires. 

  • Made in Tamworth, Australia by James Higgins in partnership with Walters Fencing
  • Laser-cut Australian made Bisalloy 80 structural steel
  • Chrome Moly riveted pivot
  • Electroplated zinc finish for excellent rust resistance
  • Stainless steel chain
  • Comfort silicone handles 
  • Five-year warranty

What it does:

  • Tightens loose fences with a knot that is guaranteed not to come undone
  • Can be used on plain and barbed wire fence

What it doesn't do:

  • Not designed for initial strain-up of a new fence. For that, we suggest the Australian-made "Spring Grip" strainers from Fenceline Solutions. 
  • Mark I is not recommended on high tensile wire.