The "Fence Repair Tool"

The Fence Repair Tool


Thanks for creating an amazing tool. It looked so easy on your YouTube channel and I was skeptical it wouldn’t be so easy to use. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. My wife and I are in our 40s, we are beef farmers on 200 acres with kilometres of fencing to fix. Fencing in the past has been a painful experience for me. I have nerve damage in both my hands, with the hand strength of an 80 year old. My wife and I have both found it easy, pain free and an enjoyable job. We had two fences we were looking at replacing. In less than an hour, we were able to restrain both; saving us hours of time and money. Thanks again, we are incredibly impressed with this product.

Campbell, VIC

Thank You for the attention in detail to packaging my order. It arrived today unscathed from its long journey and is better than I was expecting in quality.

Thomas, USA

I received the new fence strainer last Friday. Very fast delivery time, ordered and delivered in the same week. I used them on a couple of sections of fence, what an outstanding product. Easy to use and great quality. I will have no hesitation in recommending the strainers to others.

Sean, Yalbraith NSW

If you're in the market for a real Aussie fencers tool that does exactly what it promises, take a look at the Fence Repair Tool, build quality is what you would expect from an Aussie designed and made rural fencers tool.

Mark Englezos, Hercules Engineering

100% Australian Owned